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Mission Team Pledge Chapoteau, Haiti

  1. Mindful that I am traveling to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere where life is harsh, I promise that no matter how tired, thirsty, sore, hot or uncomfortable I may be, I will not complain.
  2. Mindful that I am privileged to travel and experience new perspectives, I will go with an adventurous attitude, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.
  3. Mindful that there are often delays during travel and that electricity in Haiti will be scarce or non-existent, I will carry simple items for self-amusement, such as playing cards or a paperback book.
  4. Mindful that health and hygiene are paramount and that U.S. standards of health care may not be accessible in Haiti, I will bring personal medications for emergency and non-emergency needs, pack my belongings to be compact and self-sufficient, and will not attempt travel to Haiti if I am unwell, unfit or missing recommended vaccinations.
  5. Mindful that food is scarce on a daily basis, I will taste every dish offered me, accepting even the least nourishment gratefully.
  6. Mindful that as an American I represent the richest and most privileged nation on Earth and in history, I will try my best to be always polite and well-mannered.
  7. Mindful that I am a guest of those making great sacrifices to host me during my stay, I will do my best to speak and express thoughts of gratitude in the native Creole language.
  8. Mindful that Haitians played a huge part in our history, stopping Napoleon’s army, which intended to reclaim the Louisiana Purchase by invading New Orleans, I will go with gratitude to the people.
  9. Mindful of our shared Christian values and that Haitians are poor in material goods and infinitely rich in spiritual goods, I will attend church with joy, hopeful to be blessed.
  10. Mindful of our own uneven record as we continue to strive for cultural and social equality, I will be respectful of the norms as they exist and avoid expressions of judgment or disapproval.
  11. Mindful that Jesus was incarnate as a poor person saying, “The poor you have always with you,” I will try my best to see poor people as a beacon and not as a burden.
  12. Mindful that our time on Earth is short, no matter my current age I will make a valiant effort to use my time in Haiti to contribute something, in honest work, in music, in art, in playing games with children, so that the Haitians that I meet will be glad that I came.
  13. Mindful that I will soon return to good roads, superlative plumbing, creature comforts and all of the things that I think are my right, I will earnestly endeavor to live as a humble servant during my stay in Haiti.
  14. Mindful that God created all beings, when I encounter fellow mortals with 4, 6, 8, or more legs, I will not freak out.