Welcome to St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Herndon, Virginia.

We hope that you will join us in worshiping God and in serving others. From our first service on Nov. 1, 1868 through today, St. Timothy’s has served our community. Our Sunday services are traditional but not formal, with choral music and hymns (but without incense and bells), and typically last about an hour. 

We welcome all baptized Christians to receive Holy Communion at any of our English or Spanish services. If you have not been baptized, we welcome you to the Altar rail for a blessing during Holy Communion (place your arms across your chest to signify your desire for a blessing). If you would like to be baptized, please speak with the clergy after the service. To receive Holy Communion, accept the bread in your hand and place it in your mouth, then sip wine from the Chalice when it is brought to you (guide the Chalice to your mouth please). Or, you may wish to hold the bread and dip it in the wine when the chalice comes to you, then place the bread with wine in your mouth. If you are allergic to wheat or are gluten intolerant, please let the person serving bread know to give you a rice wafer.

Our robust Music Ministry offers many opportunities for sharing your talents in the worship of God. We offer a strong Christian education program, including a youth program for pre-kindergarten through high school age-children. We hope that you will consider making St. Timothy’s your church home.


Our Mission:
As people of God, we joyfully worship God, spread the WORD of God’s love, treasure all people, and serve others everywhere in the name of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, with God’s help, We:
Open our doors to everyone,
open our hearts in worship,
open our eyes to the Spirit’s gifts and
open our arms to embrace God’s work.